About Your Guelph Commercial & Branding Photographer

Tired of telling yourself that your brand isn’t big enough?

You deserve new photos and the confidence boost that comes with them. Goodbye, imposter syndrome!

My clients call me their personal hype girl – and for good reason.

Whether you’ve had a million photoshoots or it’s your first time, I’ll prompt your poses, help you with the perfect facial expressions, and tell you you look beautiful as much as possible.

Meet your photographer

I’m Michelle, your confidence-boosting small business photographer.

After photographing women of all ages for the past 6+ years, I’m here to help you build confidence in both yourself and your brand so you can set yourself apart from the competition.

When I started my photography degree in 2018 (yes, I’m professionally trained!), I realized it wasn’t just about the photos I took: it was the confidence for the person in front of the lens. 

I know that when you feel confident in your brand’s photos, you’ll make your small business look like a big business (and isn’t that the dream?).

Whether you’re a small business who literally just started yesterday, or an established business with lots of experience, let’s give your brand the visual presence it deserves!

I’m confident in these values. How about you?


Our personal health is directly related to the health of our business. I encourage myself and my clients to take care of ourselves by scheduling in lunch and water breaks on long shoot days, and only connecting during actual working hours.


The name Sisterhood may make this obvious, but community is at the heart of everything I do. With the new addition of Sisterhood Socials, I’m creating a positive community of female entrepreneurs that support and inspire one another!


Fun and creative photography is a necessity today where we’re all consuming millions of photos a day. I encourage my clients to really push out of their comfort zones and create some unique concepts for their final images.

More about your Photographer

My go-to photoshoot outfit: Jeans with a cute graphic tee and my fave sneakers. Leggings just don’t give me those extra pockets, okay?!

My favourite drink while I’m editing: Coke Zero. I’d like an IV running through me if possible, please!
Where you’ll find me if I’m away from my desk: Lifting weights at my local gym or hanging at a coffee shop with my girlfriends

Our Technical Skillset

Conceptual Understanding

Through conceptual courses, I learned how to examine and create relationships between images and context. I also learned how to build narratives through visuals and communicate them through both single images and image sequences, a quality that is extremely important when photographing branding and commercial work.

Professional Technology

Through schooling, I learned everything I know using state-of-the-art technology. This includes DSLRs, medium format digital and video cameras, advanced strobe and LED lighting for both studio and location shoots, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud and Capture One Pro software for editing.

Knowledge of Lighting

After taking lighting courses for four years straight, I learned all types of lighting situations. From in-studio with LEDS or strobes, to on-location with flash or manipulating natural light, I’m able to photograph anywhere and make the lighting look bright, airy, and natural. You’ll never have to worry about a space being photogenic!

Industry Connections

By making industry connections and assisting professionals in Toronto for over two years, I’ve learned multiple aspects of photography and helped on-set for large companies such as Eucerin, Liberty House, and House & Home Magazine.

Breadth of Learning

While earning my degree, I had the opportunity to learn important subjects through multiple courses. I studied 7 lighting courses, 10 conceptual courses, 2 fashion courses, 2 history courses, 2 digital courses + much more!

Education in Creativity

I also earned an undergraduate certificate in creativity and creative problem solving! These six courses taught me how to implement strategies and solve problems quickly and creatively, which really helps when I’m on-set with clients.

Ready to give your small business a big confidence boost?

It’s time to take your images to the next-level.