Mya Martorano

An upcoming model with images that make her look like she’s been doing this for years.

Shot At Unique Location

These images were shot in two locations. The first location was an old and small tennis court in Dundas, ON. The second location was Mya’s unfinished home that created the perfect unique and neutral backdrop.

Fitness & Beauty

Mya wanted professional images that show how she’d look in both fitness and beauty industry images. By using two unique locations, we were able to showcase how Mya could sell anything from clothing and jewellery to makeup and hair products.

Our Favourite Photo

The photo of Mya laying down on the tennis court with the racket shadow is our favourite image from this photoshoot. Although the tennis court isn’t shown much in this image, the props and clever use of shadows really screams tennis, even if you can’t see the court.

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