Our Guelph-Based Photography Services

Your small business brand deserves next-level, magazine-worthy images.

You’re a female founder, and…

You’re dreaming of Aritzia-level professional pictures for your business’ site… but you’re not sure your business is even big enough to get photos taken.

You know you’re killing it in business… but you feel major imposter syndrome when you scroll through Instagram and see someone else selling similar products or services.

You have a couple of photos for your website… but you don’t feel like they scream “you”. You wish you had photos you felt good showing off in your launch content and in your retailer pitches.

Here’s the thing: if your photos aren’t helping you make sales, then they’re not working at all (or worse — they’re working against you!)

On-brand photos make your product look legit, establish trust, and give that, “I can totally picture myself using this product” factor.

For business owners who need marketing photos

Branding Photography

Ditch the boring, corporate, overly posed headshots. Your brand photos can be creative, fun, playful, colourful, bold, loud, energetic, unique, and YOUTHFUL! 

You’ll get the high quality pictures for your website, socials, and marketing that you and your brand truly deserve. And bonus: you’ll also get a confidence boost to keep that imposter syndrome under control.

What's Included?

  • Up to 2 hour photoshoot session
  • 15-20 final fully edited high-resolution JPGs for your website, social media, and marketing
  • Personalized photo shoot guide
  • 30 min pre-shoot call for wardrobe + prop guidance


Packages starting at $1,000

For women wanting photos that feel good inside and out

Confidence-Boosting Portraits

Ready to feel good about yourself exactly the way you are? You deserve to feel as incredible as you look– and that’s exactly what you’ll get from a portrait session.

With our portraits package, you’ll work with photographer Michelle to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the lens. And bonus: you’ll walk away with images that will show off your confidence and last a lifetime.

What's Included?

  • 1hr photo session
  • 10 final fully edited high-resolution JPGs
  • Pre-shoot info PDFs to help you prepare
  • 15-min pre-shoot call for wardrobe + prop guidance


Packages starting at $500

For fashion, beauty, and wellness businesses who need lifestyle product photos

Commercial Photography

Listen, your customers want to see more than just a picture. They want to know how your product looks when worn. How will it look in their home? What outfits will it work with? Taking photos that answer these questions is what truly SELLS your product.

With our commercial package, you’ll get photos that showcase how beautiful your product truly is in your campaigns, websites, and launches.

What's Included?

  • Photoshoot session with fully customizable session length and number of images
  • Fully edited high-resolution JPGs
  • Personalized photoshoot planning
  • Pre-shoot meetings & prep calls for wardrobe, product, + prop guidance
  • Custom photoshoot guide
  • Call sheet with stress-free schedule outlined


All commercial projects are custom quoted, but expect to spend a minimum of $1,000.

For fashion, beauty, and wellness brands who need only product photos

E-Commerce Commercial Photography

Your product photos are what sells your product to your customers! Professional product photos are what’s standing between you and that competitor with a bigger business.

With our e-commerce photography, you’ll get photos that show-off your product exactly as it deserves to be seen. Plus, you’ll have an expert photographer capturing the images to ensure each one is accurate in color, size, and details.

What's Included?

  • E-comm shots of all your products on a plain backdrop
  • Fully edited high-resolution JPGs


Packages starting at $10/product

The Photography Experience

Ready to shine? Here’s what happens next.

Empty Date


Fill out my contact form with all the fun details about your business. You’ll then receive a link to book a free call with me to chat more about your shoot!
Empty Date

Secure Your Date & Sign On The Dotted Line

Select and book your date! You’ll receive a custom proposal and quote right to your inbox. Review the details of your shoot, sign your contract, and pay your deposit.
Empty Date

Pre-Shoot Planning

The fun begins! Fill out your pre-shoot questionnaire and I’ll get started planning the photoshoot of your dreams. After I finish planning, we’ll have a 30 min phone call to discuss details and ensure you’re feeling prepared. Don’t worry, I’m here every step of the way!
Empty Date

Photoshoot Day

The day we’ve been dreaming of is here. Bring your personality and leave the hard work to me while we turn your dreams to reality.
Empty Date

Image Reveal

Get excited, because your gallery will be emailed to you two weeks after your shoot date! You’ll pick your favourite photos from the shoot to be fully edited.
Empty Date

Delivery Day

Pop that bubbly! Your final images officially land in your inbox two weeks later, and it’s time to share them with the world. Because trust me, the world will want to see them!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re here, you might be wondering…

How do I know what type of photography I need?

Depends on what you’re using your photos for! You’ll need commercial photography if you want photos of products, services, or lifestyle scenes for your marketing (like your website, social media, or wholesale catalogue). Pick branding photography if you’re looking for photos of you, your team, or community!

Why would hiring a professional photographer help me? I could just DIY my photos.

My clients hire me because they know it’s not just about having a professional camera. They know that my ideas, concept creation, and professionally edited images is what truly creates their eye-catching visuals and helps them stand out from the crowd!

How far in advance should I book?
At least a month in advance. This gives us lots of time to secure a location if needed, gather props, prep wardrobe, and finalize any other details required to make your photoshoot a success!
What do your photoshoot guides include?
Photoshoot guides are custom and vary per client’s specific needs. However, every guide will include some (or all) of the following: a custom mood-board, location info, a detailed wardrobe guide with links, a prop list, a shot list, set-ups list, call sheets, and of course tips + tricks.
How quickly could I expect to get my final images?
The quickest turn-around for images is 4 weeks, however it varies depending on how much time you’ll need to select your favorites from the gallery. We’ll discuss during the process!
Where do we shoot my photos?
If there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s being able to shoot *almost* anywhere! The best part is that it also always surprises people where and what I’ve shot. From unfinished houses, to a field of horses, to a boat in the middle of the lake, or even my dad’s factory warehouse… I will (and can) shoot absolutely anywhere.

Ready for your future clients to realize you’re the next best thing?

It’s time to give your small business a big presence.